​“Every new solution creates its own new breakdowns. 

So What is Next for California?

Dr. Khush Cooper, Founder KC&A
On Dealing with What's Next

In the field of child welfare, what’s next in California is Continuum of Care Reform (CCR). Current policy work indicates that by 2019 all systems of care will need to have transformed their service delivery to recreate residential treatment as a rapid reconnection engine.  We are in the process of creating an infrastructure to support the 100-plus children and family services organizations and the 58 counties in California to achieve this transformation.

We created systems to care for abused and neglected children, which produced institutionalized youth and disconnected families.  We created community-based interventions to address the institutionalization, which produced reduced support and additional risk of maltreatment.  We have now created CCR, which will produce funding and educational breakdowns. My job is to help people and organizations maximize current innovations, and foresee the breakdowns they create in order to perpetually stay ahead of the curve.”